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“LIGHTEN the LOAD, Tips and Tools to Ease Aging, Dying, Grieving, is frank and funny, outrageous yet comforting. It is a simple, practical reference guide for getting affairs in order. You will learn as you lighten your own load of dreaded decisions, issues, and obsolete belongings, that your relief makes you available to help others in distress. That you can ‘know what to say’ to a bereaved friend. That you can ‘know how to cope’ when you hear a scary diagnosis. That you ‘won’t be a burden to family’ as you live to grow very old, because you have already made your choices, smoothed the way for them. All made possible by reading this book with its true life examples and fresh approaches, AND by accomplishing the ‘homework’ assignments for cleaning out your life. Lightening your own load is the best gift you can give.”



“The GACHÍ, My Gypsy Flamenco Quest is a true novel about my years as a Flamenco dancer amongst Spanish Gypsies.  An edgy California white woman, I migrated from U.C. Berkeley activism to old-world Andalusia, in fervid search of native Gypsy dancers, staking my life on Flamenco.  Always a “gachí” – their word for a non-Gypsy woman – I married into a Gypsy family.

“This story immerses you in the sedentary ghetto lifestyle of Spanish Gypsies, their village juerga gatherings for singing about their harsh reality as an oppressed people, their stoic humor, the night world of professional Flamencos, their wild and perfect audacity, the cry of guitar, and the redemptive thrill of dancing Flamenco.”

  • Susan Salguero

  • About Susan Salguero

    Three startling books emerge from disparate epochs of Susan Salguero’s life – The GACHÍ from the defiant flamenco dancer, LIGHTEN the LOAD from the empathic bereavement counselor, WHEN GOD CAME WALKING from the single parent and impassioned seeker of enlightenment.

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