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Frozen with fear, I avoided my pal dying of a brain tumor. So I read this amazingly simple book and did the homework. It was work, took me weeks, but I was desperate. Afterwards, I called my sick friend and I said things I’d never have said before. That wonderful conversation meant so much to her, and was so easy!!

Being my mom’s ally when she was dying was only possible after studying with Salguero. I asked if we could stop giving her meds except for comfort, stop insisting she get her hair done, or even eat, when she lost interest. My family and her nurses were relieved by the candor and simplicity. Side benefit: now all my affairs are in order. I feel great!

Marian Wilke, Corporate Manager

Braving the “homework assignments” armed me for later managing my own cancer treatments valiantly. Now I keep this handy reference guide by my desk, next to the dictionary and the phone book. — Janet Jacobs, Hospice Volunteer

Salguero calls it like it is, offers straight talk to people who need to hear it straight. This is a very comforting approach to complex and difficult situations in our lives.

June Behar, Copy Editor

Lightening my load changed my life. By getting my own papers in order, “not leaving a mess for others,” I grew personally and professionally. I learned to refuse a position of authority, to gain people’s trust by sitting lower than the patient or the troubled family, even if that meant grabbing a stool or kneeling on the floor. A quick trick to keep me honest, all by the height of my seat! Sensible things!

Cathy Bautista, R.N.

There are many people searching for how to manage the last decade of life. You find your own solutions after reading Lighten the Load.

Charys Saylor, Social Worker, Supervisor (retired) of Children’s Protective Services

As a notary, I see many people taking care of business – with Health Directives and Powers of Attorney. They are getting necessary paperwork done in timely fashion. I recommend that . . . and reading Salguero’s book!

Dale Hanson, Realtor

Lighten the Load shares insights gleaned from personal experiences. A wealth of handy tips that all worked for me. Her early printout of this handbook was a treasure I kept for years in a bottom drawer in my bedroom to refer to as each new family crisis arose. Now it is available to everyone!

Debbie Hill, Director of Volunteers, Ventura County Medical Center

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