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“Susan Salguero is a dangerous woman.  With lyrical words she pulls us into the very heart of the wild dance. The GACHÍ is a modern myth… An unforgettable tale of a woman on a journey to find a way to un-tame the Self.”

Cynthia Waring Matthews, author of BODIES UNBOUND

“A poignant portrait of Flamenco life with vivid sights and delights of a Spanish world. We foreign artists who sat in Antonio Pulpón’s office with the Flamencos waiting for jobs, sought that simple gesture of approval, that rare moment of acceptance inside the flamenco world. This book provides all the excitement of Flamenco, and all the pain that follows that life. The opportunity to see it again from a woman’s perspective opens wounds on the soul. The food, the wine, the street, the tablao, the music, the dance, always the song – and beneath everything is the rhythm. The counter-time, the pulse of palmas matching the very rhythm of the heart, infects you with fascination. The GACHÍ gives a clear glimpse into Flamenco and why it can hold you captive.”

Russ Baggerly, Flamenco Guitarist

“The GACHÍ is written with bright, sparkling gems of insight and understanding. This story of young woman’s journey of self-discovery on the long road between cultures is infused with wry humor and hard-won wisdom. Most importantly, it is fun to read.”

Bret Bradigan, Editor and Publisher

“Every turn of the page of the GACHÍ wrenched me back into the wonderous and bittersweet, the inviting and forbidden, which I too experienced in Spain. This story revealed to me Spain’s mysterious lure. Such beautifully inter-woven revelation of a woman’s self-discovery and growth! I am gratefully sharing The GACHÍ with the women of my family, who will deeply understand her.”

Kathleen Hellwitz, Patron of Theatre

The GACHÍ enchanted me. It gave me the chance to know intimately a culture and people I wouldn’t have otherwise met. It helped me to better understand the plight of women in a man’s world. Its insights and graceful language informed and charmed me. HICKEY’S BOOKS invites you to savor many rich layers of this true story about a young woman who discovers her place in a strange and far-off land. –

Ken Kuhlken, Author and Publisher

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