When God Came Walking
1978-1980 with SATHYA SAI BABA

“God is Love. Live in Love.” Sathya Sai Baba.

When God Came WalkingSATHYA SAI BABA, 1926 – 2011, renowned world teacher of the 20thcentury, is followed by millions of people from all religions. When God Came Walking is a firsthand account of the majesty and wonder of this miraculous being as seen through the eyes of an ordinary American woman who lived in his ashram for three years during the height of his personal power and glory. Through his love, SATHYA SAI BABA transformed seekers into better human beings – exhorting integrity, social service, righteousness and loving kindness from each of them – insisting that peace on earth begins within each human heart. This is a journal for anyone on the path of devotion towards enlightenment, the path of unconditional divine love, known in India as the path of Bhakti.

When God Came WalkingSATHYA SAI BABA has been my Master, my Swami, since the mid 70’s. This book shares my first experiences of him, when I attended Summer Course 1978 in India with my little boy. I include details of ashram life and my own inner chaos — to evoke the shock and awe of Swami’s physical presence.

It is a love story – about such deep love of another being that you ‘fall in love’– you blend into that love and become it. About when love is a state of existence, of Loveness. Gone the inept parent, the yearning seeker, the self-loathing, the sobbing loneliness. All are eclipsed by innate Oneness.

I sought relief from mental suffering. Swami fused my suffering with my intense longing for him – to launch me towards Enlightenment. Almost forty years later, I finally understand this. So this book is my reminder. Perhaps it can be of use to someone else. May it stand as a testament to the beauty and mastery of the Sai Avathar, to the power of his Love.

Susan Salguero, 2014


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